Need help geting a unkempt harold ps3

Looking for someone to help me get a unkempt harold or if i can trade for one dont have much tho

I don’t have a PS3 anymore, but the Harold is one of the easier farms in BL2, just beat up Savage Lee.

Just go to Three Horns Divide, start by the Fast Travel there. One time in Five Savage Lee will show up near the Fast Travel, kill him and see if he drops. If he doesn’t show up or doesn’t drop take a quick car ride to the Marrowfields (where you found Corporal Reiss during the start of the game) and Savage Lee always spawns there. Quit, relaunch, and try again.
I guarantee you that in 10 tries you will get a Harold. Often more frequently. And again, it’s easy and pretty low risk.


or just purchase it from a torgue machine in the torgue dlc.

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While you can certainly do that, I maintain that farming Savage Lee is quicker than doing the Barroom Blitz enough times to get 600+ tokens. I’ve done both numerous times, and Barroom is OK, but you only get, what, 30 tokens per run, and then you still have to farm the vendor a bunch of times to get the Harold you want.

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