Need help getting a Norfleet. PLEASE!

I am on PS3 and have been trying to farm Vermivorous and Hyperius for weeks now. I would do literally anything to get a Norfleet. Honestly, you can have my first born.

First of all first born is unnecessary.
Secondly, what is the prefix? Popular choice prudential for reload or plenteous for mag size.
Thirdly, what element?
Lastly, level?
And don’t forget your psn and time zone.

Well said…

Looking for a level 72 Prudential and I am not picky as far as the element. My PSN is Azlion and I will be online today at about 3:15 PST or anytime after that. I am open to whenever you can help so you tell me.

Fire or Electricity would be great

I’m online now if anyone is up to help

I will be on in 30 min. At the mean time play some game.
I will send you fr at Azlion when i ready.
Need to find those fleets lol.

K i have sent you a fr.
Prudential lvl 72 6 mag all elems