Need help getting better with the salvage corvette

Hi HW veterans!
How can I efficiently capture a group of ships with a group of salvage corvettes (without detaching some of the corvettes on ship 1 by accident when capturing ship 2, 3 and so on)?
I guess this is a piece of cake for some of the veterans here, but there are not as much resources on tactics or just plain on how to do certain moves as with other, more popular RTSs or MOBAs. Thanks for reading.

Example (HW1:R: Campaign Mission 5 Great Wastelands 2):
Let’s say I want to capture the group of resource collectors, I put all of my SCs in one group and send them to the enemy’s resource collectors. They latch onto the first, select the correct number of corvettes automatically and start hauling it in. How can I get the rest of the corvettes to capture the next collector (or just the complete group) without some of the SCs detaching from the first collector (without micromanaging every ship in the group - which is very tricky in 3D in battles)? Will dragging a rectangle with some short-cut work?

Not as far as I know. Just have to assign each pair or however many into it’s own group.

You are best off setting each pair to its own group number and using them that way. This isn’t HW1 you can’t band box the capture and have them go back out to get the ships that were part of the original order. Now it is a manual process all the way through, sorry dude.

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I do hope they re-implement the band box salvage.
But yes for now don’t put them all in one group.
Use one group for one ship, not necessarily just 2 in a group.
Fighters and Corvettes require 1sc.
Frigates require 2 sc.
Destroyers require 4 sc.
BC and HC require 6 sc.

You can use the Paus Break butten. Get in close with your Salvage Corvettes, paus and assign two to each ship.

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Thanks very much to everyone for all the tips and answers. This is a great community. If you have more tips, don’t hesitate to post.
I hope they will re-implement band box salvage (I think it was in the classics, right? I intuitively tried to do it and my SCs did not know what to do). Pause break is a great idea for single player, probably not so much for multiplayer.
For a broader adoption of multiplayer, more resources on tactics and strategies might not make it seem so daunting (new subforum ? “hint, hint”). The only useful resources, I’ve found was an FAQ on gamefaqs and a few threads on reddit.

I typically leave my salvettes in the same group. To capture a group, say a group of multibeam frigates, I’ll right click the first frigate, shift click 2 (or 3 if necessary) salvettes, right click the next one, deselect a few more, rinse repeat until i’m out of stuff to steal or salvettes to steal it with.