Need help getting seraph crystals👍🏼

If you can help feel free to message me
GT: N e w w E r a a

I can help but if your posting time is similar to your play time then I probably can’t? ( uk timezone).
Feel free to message me on xb1 gt=ScaryCartoons ( must add this is the handsome collection I play , not backwards compatible version )
If we can snap play times I’m more than happy to help you out dude.

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I appreciate it mate I will add you and yes it’s the handsome jack collection. Don’t worry I’m always online.

I’m not on Xbox1, but the easiest way of getting crystals on console, where it’s harder to Bore Hyperious, is to fight 72 Pete with an OP8 character. You should be able to dust him off in about a minute and then kill yourself, which respawns you at the top of the bar to do it again.