Need Help Getting To Op8 Please

Someone please help Im stuck at op3 with my sal and keep getting stuck at assassins can someone please help me get to op8. I have a lot of level 61 gear and limited level 70-op3 gear


Get an on level double penatraiting unkempt Harold. And an one lvl grog nozzle/slag rubi also post your build.
One last thing try and get a good crossive Hyperion shotgun

Yeah I have a DPUH and grog nozzle I just made it to op 4 but i can’t hit the turrets from range and im trying to find a corrosive sniper or something similar to kill the turrets which are up high. I have a conference call but its not corrosive

I’m also using a rough rider and a two gun beserker class mod

Are you on ps3 and is ur gear at least like op 2 and if ur looking for a sniper get a pimperniel or lyuda if your on ps3 I can help

Yeah that would be great

My PSN=MadMonk3y340 just add me or post your psn

I am trying to get both of those so that would be awesome

What op are you on ATM because I should be able to help you today I already added u

ATM im at op 4 and cant get past the turrets because I am using a DPUH and cant get the range from the far away turrets and the surveyors

If your on today I should be able to help with my op8 gunzerker