Need help +grenade damage vs+ splash damage

So i linked a pic of 2 mods i have. Im trying a grenade build on moze and its working very well atm i have these 2 mods im trying to choose from and trying to get a better understanding of the damage amplifers and how they work. im curious how splash damage from grenades is added and if the innate 30% grenade damage form the other mod is better than the 100% splash after no reloads and if not why . Mostly curious if the splash damage is a reduced number from the original grenade damage . If anyone knows it would be helpful hard to test accurately on mobs when they all explode from grenades and some of the bosses when fought with grenades its harder to tell on some of the numbers cuz they pile up so much in the same spot and since i can crit with grenade damage the CRITICAL covers the damage:/ please help

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I have the same question.
I’ve been trying to test damage numbers on a spawned vehicle, that might help with your testing. If you get an answer I’d love to hear it!

Here is a basic rundown of what the damage bonuses can/will interact with:

-GrenadeDamage Bonus: applies to all thrown grenades, underbarrel launcher attachments(Vladof), skills that spawn or modify the total grenades that explode(Think Moze’s “Mind Sweeper” class mod), and certain weapons that involve grenades(This includes the projectiles of most torgue type weapons, and special legendaries like the Duc Pistol).

-SplashDamage Bonus: applies to any damage that originates from either-A: an explosion, or B: any damage that originates from a projectile that has a splash damage radius

-HeavyWeaponDamae Bonus: applies to damage done by any rocket launcher type weapon, although some grenades gain this buff as well due to the nature of the grenade mod used.


I forgot to mention:

AoE or “area-of-affect” damage bonus: applies to damage that fits into one of two categories:

A. Damage that comes from explosions that aren’t nessarily an explosive, but still have range. Some examples of this are the initial burst that happens to deceased enemies with the RADIATION elemental debuff applied to them, and the death effects that happen with certain weapons like the Kaos assault rifle or the Breath of the Dying assault rifle

B. Damage that comes from grenades or weapons that create a field that damages enemies that are in the range of such field. The Legendary sniper rifle the Storm is a good example of this type of damage


What about torgue RLs? Do they gain from grenade damage buffs?