Need help in raid bossing

Does anyone know what the highest damage set up is for the gunzerker is? I’m op 8 but I get destroyed by everything and only do a small amount of damage. I have been in games where people kill terramorphous in less then 10 seconds. How do I do that?

Hey @jaredmarchitell.

I moved your post to the Salvador section as the Online Play board usually only gets hits for either trade or party set ups.

Also, players on all other platforms may have a good idea of what do as well. Many of the 10 second kill videos are dependent on a specific load out, and the irony of raid bosses is going in to OP8 just seems to make them more difficult as your weapons are leveling without you.

I’m sure the board will help.

I am no Sal expert, but I believe you would probably want to use a Chaotic Evil Monk Class mod (for 11/5 Moneyshot specifically). That mod can be found in the Tiny Tina DLC. Also, I found a YouTube video showing Sal killing OP8 Terra is less than 10 seconds. If you pause, you can see the equipment and skills the player used when fighting OP8 Terramorphous.

I am sure much more knowledgeable Sal players can also provide added insight regarding both skills and equipment you would want if you plan on killing OP8 Terramorphous very very quickly. :blush:

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Pimperniel and a main hand launcher works well prefabley an Ahab or creamer

Sadly I’m unlucky and got the defered version of the pistol which only does 60087 damage and no elemental, I can’t seem to find that class mod either.

My Ahab seems to do no damage to it. It will hit and do 1204k

you put the ahab in your main hand and the pimp in your off hand and it makes the pimp hit like a truck

Bee + slag Pimpernel + empty Ahab + Chaotic Evil Monk
The most broken combo ever.

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I didn’t think the bee affected off hand guns

I don’t really know. I use a Bee to get an even more broken combo xD

At least when I do Pyro Pete, Vorac or Hyperius, the amp shield sound goes off

I do to but idk if it works or not also to the op a creamer is a good choice for raiding because its a moxxie weapon so you stay healed

Do you have aChaotic Evil Monk you could give me ? Because I can not find one anywhere

PC OP8 my friend?

I’m on ps4

In case you weren’t aware the only place that you can get the Chaotic Evil Monk COM’s is in the Tiny Tina DLC from the mimic chests.

Also check out this thread, it explains the pimpernel/Launcher combo and how it works I tend to be able to take out Hyperius with this in about a second at OP8 and I don’t even have the optimal gear for it. Definitely worth a look. It’s also worked with Pete, Terra, Vermi and the Ancient Dragons (with a Grog/DPUH for backup).

The trick is to get rid of all your RL ammo, and keep the trigger down. It procs money shot much more that way.

Also view the bahroo video on sal’s skills. You want in the elective part to go filled to the brim all the way. All your projectiles are from the pimp, but enhanced with the rl’s damage.

True neutral monk works better because crit and mag size buff, plus the money shot buff.

Also if you use a rough rider and 4 into out of bubble gum you get a nice fire rate buff. Coupled with a creamer, I waste everything. Most casual farm of everything.