Need help in TPS on PS4

Guys if anyone could help me I would owe you big time. I am currently playing on my level 37 auriela and am paused in game. The item of the day is in the vending machine with 1 minute left. It is a celestial class mod that I reallllly want. Would anyone be able to lend me 150000 dollars so that I could purchase it? I could pay you back within 15 minutes. If anyone could possibly help me add me on PSN and send me a message. I would greatly appreciate it. PSN: JOCO_Salt_Life

Thanks so much!!

i realize this would of been paused for a pretty long time, but if you havent gotten it yet i could help you out

I already gave up :frowning: thanks for the offer though. Maybe one day we will come across another one heh. Appreciate it though