NEED HELP - Jack's Secret

Hi i can not make the jump over plank “Jacks Secret” to get to Jack’s statue to blow it up- I must be holding my mouth wrong - i have literally died +100 times . I am still at it now. Game Tag : MDN the MAGIC.

Please help
Cheers Michael

If you are where I think you are, you have to jump directly towards the statue and then turn right in mid air to land on the ledge.

Hold a pistol while doing it. Weapon size does effect speed and jump distance.

Found this to help.


Thanks I have a pistol as you suggest - the turning in mid air may e the trick - reflexes not that good. I have looked under options to adjust sensitivity - but no luck yet. I have been playing BL 1,2 and 3 since they started - sometimes I have hit a hurdle but eventually made it. This is one of those . Thanks for your sugesstions.
Cheers Michael

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The problem is you hit the angled roof if you jump straight at the ledge. By jumping to the left and then turning right you clear the angled part. You can easily make the ledge once you do that.

Thanks - tomorrows challenge

If you haven’t already done so, it also helps to change the option for mantling so it automatically climbs ledges when pressing forward rather than having to push a button to do it.

Died a few time, still was a far cry from the hellish jump at the Anvil (Moxxy radio tower right before the boss, I still get shiver thinking about this ■■■■■■)


Agreed, but I just gave up on that tower. I died quite a lot trying to get that statue as well, EVERY character I tried it with :laughing:, but it’s doable.


Thanks just back "change the option for mantling " I have xbox one can i do this in game under options. when I leave here I will try

Just wanted to add that for a few specific jumps, the height of your character can make it more difficult/easier. The taller your vault hunter, the more likely you are to hit your head and fall on a few specific jumps. So Zane and Fl4k have it worst.

On this jump though, even on Moze I had to jump at a very small angle before turning sharply to the right to avoid falling into the lava.

I am also on XBOne. It’s somewhere in the options. I don’t recall if it’s in the control section or the accessibility or what…

I couldn’t do it when I played as Fl4k. Then I tried slide jumping and got it first try. Anything that boosts your speed will make it easy

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Thanks - slide jumping : I assume i run slide and then hit jump? I will keep trying . again death +10.

? if i get another player to join me and they make the jump will that register for me also with the mission?

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Yup! I did it for my wife and it worked.
Then tried it for fun in my game and died :laughing: .

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Hi all - Thanks for all the tips - I achieved it first time this morning - Flak with pistol.
I was heading further in ran straight up and over i went. go figure.
Cheers Michael