Need help leveling OP4 -> OP8

I managed to get to OP4 through some lucky random groupings, but I need help getting the last few OP levels. I play a Gunzerker, and I’ve farmed some OP4 purples, but can’t do nearly enough damage alone. I’m “sestomatic” on PSN - add me if you can help. Thanks.

Any way I can get a power level to level 72? I obviously can’t level you to op8 but I’d really appreciate the boost. Just let me know PSN: Crochford7

I’ve seen videos of people powerleveling characters, and it seems to involve gear way beyond anything I have. It took me two weeks to level myself from 50 - 72, so I think it would take just as long to level you to 72. I wish I could help, but I already have a full-time job. :smile:

I’ll help you when we are online together next time!

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Tesanmartin’s powerful Salvado did help me a lottt at Digistruct :slight_smile:

Hey guys I know this isn’t the best post to do it but I’m pretty proficient at the game, but I’ve not really played it on next gen. I will help you over power if you can power level me to your OP level?

Hello @jdoreilly12.

I’ve noticed you’re looking to be powerleveled and have stated this in several threads. Typically this isn’t the best method of doing so.

When you do have the ability of starting your own threads (which should be soon) I would suggest you do so, and state your PSN username as well as times you may be available. This tends to be the most effective method of finding partners as opposed to perpetuating threads where most of the users have already found what they’re looking for.

Hope that helps, enjoy the hunt.

Thanks, I’d appreciate it. I’ll add you to my friends list.

I will boost anyone to op8
Edit: Wrong console sorry guys.

I can do some op leveling. usually i can run two people from 72 to op8 in a solid hour and a half (all legit runs with sal), although that is a bit of work for op7 and 8 with two in tow.


PST hours. on evenings around 6

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Thanks, I added you as well.

Hi I’m currently OP 2 looking for people to help me get to OP 5.
Any help would be appreciated.
I’m in the uk psn spiralstaircase4