Need help leveling up and Getting to OP8 and getting Legendarys

I’m wanted to get all my characters to level 72 and OP8 and have all Legendarys I have a level 72 OP8 Siren and a Level 72 Mechromancer no OP level and a Level 72 Psycho no OP Level and a level 23 Gunzerker plz reply with ur tag mine is xTJaay12

My Gamertag is RangerVet 81 DV. I have a 72 commando that want to do op levels w someone or prefer group. thx

Ok are you online??

I recommend consulting the [DDD] Characters Guides for each character you play. They can be found in the Borderlands 2 section of the Forum, in each character’s section. There is useful information regarding skills, builds and recommended equipment. Legendary items aren’t always the best items to use. Many times Unique items are actually better (example: Sand Hawk, Pimpernel, Lady Fist, etc).

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Willing to help a bit right now. I can also help later tonight. I’m usually on later in the day, but can be reasonably flexible for a while. GT: Gaius Michael