Need help Leveling Up in Borderlands 2

Looking for someone to help me level up to hopefully level 72.

Power leveling would he nice but any other way is fine.

Also if you can i would like it if you could help me farm for legendaries.

PSN: BlueberryJamYay

Add me when ever you like but i will not be able to play usually from around (6:00 AM to sometime after 3:00 PM)

Add me and i will accept it when possible.

Also, please comment down below to if you would like to explain in furhter detail what class you are and other things.


I could help you level up to 10 just so you can get through the beginning part as quick as possible, but to level 72 is kinda… lol

I do power leveling and easy op levels. Add Lord_Sylton and put a message in the message box.

Im level 36 already so yea lol

Thanks though!

Add timah on PS4. I’m looking to level exploit to get my Assassin to a higher level. I accidentally slagged the shoplifter… On my new character.