Need help ! lost game statistics

(Akumakras) #1

Ubuntu OS, last played 01.01.2015, was the head where it was necessary to kill an angel and where killed Roland. Playing with a friend. Sechas when entering the game and press the button to continue my rolls back. Shows that this chapter is not passed and gone all the weapons.

(Influencer Guy) #2

Have you filled out a support ticket at If not, do that so the support guys can get some documentation on the issue. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

(Akumakras) #3

Yes, I wrote in, has not yet received a response. I would be glad if you help me.

(Influencer Guy) #4

I’d be happy to! Let me pass this on to the team and we’ll what we can figure out for you.

(Akumakras) #5

thank you so much, I will wait for a response

(Influencer Guy) #6

@akumakras- so sorry for the delay here! We’re still getting caught up after PAX, etc. Can you update me on your status with this?