Need help ! lost game statistics

Ubuntu OS, last played 01.01.2015, was the head where it was necessary to kill an angel and where killed Roland. Playing with a friend. Sechas when entering the game and press the button to continue my rolls back. Shows that this chapter is not passed and gone all the weapons.

Have you filled out a support ticket at If not, do that so the support guys can get some documentation on the issue. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Yes, I wrote in, has not yet received a response. I would be glad if you help me.

I’d be happy to! Let me pass this on to the team and we’ll what we can figure out for you.

thank you so much, I will wait for a response

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@akumakras- so sorry for the delay here! We’re still getting caught up after PAX, etc. Can you update me on your status with this?