Need help moze experts!

I’m stuck and lost onto what build 2 use and what to be lookong out for…I feel like I’m just not doing enough damage in mayhem 4 and feel like I’m getting destroyed… curious what is the best current endgame build for moze thanks.

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Is there a gun or play style you enjoy?

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1 hp builds are still broken, you can allways go for that, plenty of guides on youtube, most likely 99% of them are about 1hp moze builds.

Any play style tbh just want the most op 1 tbh lol

You can’t go wrong with Tediore chucking. Keep an eye out for purple tediores that MIRV and home. If it has an anointment, you’ll have to look at the parts, either by learning what they look like, or inspecting the item, then going to the menu on the right and scrolling down. If you’re really lucky, you’ll find one that is anointed with 120% bonus splash damage on exiting Iron Bear. Then ideally you’ll want a deathless artifact that also steals ammo on melee, a Blood Letter class mod and a Facepuncher. The artifact will probably be hardest to come by, but maybe someone in the community would be willing to share or trade…

Finally you need something to keep your shields up. Some people use a shock tediore shotgun and a transformer, or some other splash damage shock weapon. Alternatively, a Big Boom Blaster works pretty well, or a grenade with as many separate explosions as possible. A nagata is a good option, or a purple that does some combination of splitting/mirving/homing/bouncing.

For this build, make sure you pick up Pull the Holy Pin and Vampyr in the Demolition Woman (blue) tree and Desperate Measures and Thin Red Line in the Shield of Retribution (red) tree.

It’s pretty easy to play. You basically just fire your Tediore once then reload and repeat. The only caveat is you have to be a bit careful not to throw it too close to your face. Swapping to the Facepuncher will fill up your shotgun ammo in a few shots.

tldr; Look into Tediore chucking builds.


Easy to play, but a pain to get all the items…but totally worth the time farming all the stuff.

Its an easy game to play, I have been playing this for last 2 months and find it an interesting

Sounds interesting and something I’ll enjoy the grind of finding these items, is their a specific place to get these items from or I just gotta play and eventually I’ll find em?

The tediore shotguns can actually be bought from vending machines earls your best bet however chest farming is also a way to get them. As for the cutpurse artifact I’m not entirely sure I traded to get mine but my best advice is to look for a bloodletter that increases splash damage I got the perfect one for this build a week or 2 ago in slaughtershaft ( +28% splash damage, +29% splash damage radius, +30% grenade damage)

Just to add to what LJ said, they recently added dedicated drop locations for all the legendaries. Deathless artifacts drop from Phoenix in Splinterlands, and the Bloodletter class mod drops from the boss at the end of the Trial of Survival. Facepuncher drops from Handsome Jackie in Skywell-27. You can see all the drop locations in this Google doc put together by tonydml:

That said, the drop rates seem to be quite low for the dedicated locations, in particular for the class mods. It may actually be quicker just to farm Graveward and Circles of Slaughter on the highest difficulty you can manage, depending on how quickly you can kill Graveward/get through the Circle of Slaughter. The Trials can take a relatively long time for roughly a 3% chance to get the class mod, so it may not be the most efficient grind if you need multiple items for a build. If you have a good boss killing weapon, Graveward drops all the class mods except the new ones, and fairly often drops relics too.

As for the purples, like LJ mentioned, you can farm stores for them, with Earl’s being a good choice because of the guaranteed anointments. For a good healing grenade, you won’t find one at Earl’s, so it would have to be regular ammo shops. Loads of purples will drop on higher mayhem Circles of Slaughter as well.

Finally, you can get a guaranteed Transformer shield from the quest It’s Alive on Nekrotofayo. You first have to complete Homeopathological. Both quests are given by Sparrow, in Typhon’s lair in Desolation’s Edge.

My Moze is also struggling to survive outside of IB. I have tried different builds (trying to get away from using the bloodletter class mod), but so far I have been unable to find one that works for me. Question about the tediore build, do tediore throws proc vampyr? I don’t know if I like the idea of constantly chucking tediores but at this point I am desperate and I really want to play Moze again without the constant dying, FFYL or friends having to revive me.

Are there builds that work better with coop play? Most of the videos I have seen of people showcasing builds are playing solo. I mostly coop play with friends. I play very little solo.

@sheliasgs From what I can see, the two builds that everyone runs are either Tediore chucking (boring) or health gating with a level 1 stop gap. The health gate allows you to use different guns.

I try not to use either of these builds. I’m working on three that are gear dependent and haven’t tested them in Maliwan Takedown but look pretty good in initial testing in regular M4 missions.

  1. Standard splash build with deathless/vampyr using a Fearmonger to try and proc grenade regen.
  1. Big boom blaster build – I’m having the most fun with this one – in both cryo optimized and non-cryo optimized variants.
  1. Mindsweeper build – really sketchy on how well this build can survive M4 level damage – and still very much a work in progress.

The mindsweeper build should get a lot better when Gearbox fixes the damned Guardian Rank perks.

P.S. I consider Moze to be broken even though she’s my main.

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Use a Last Stand Artifact and a Stop Gap shield. Combined with Iron Bear, you should be insanely hard to kill since you have 2 invulnerability phases and Iron Bear. Just use them appropriately so you regain your invulnerability phases inside Iron Bear.

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Sooo I’ve been grinding for almost 2 days straight for that cutpurse artifacts to regent my ammo and I can’t seem to find one… where is the best place to get 1 as I’m getting frustrated and unmotivated to keep going for it if I can’t find it

Phoenix in the Splinterlands drops deathless artifacts. But, like I said in the above post, the drop rates for the dedicated loot pools are relatively low. Even when it drops, you have to be pretty lucky for it to roll with cutpurse as well. To my knowledge there isn’t anywhere that specifically drops cutpurse artifacts. If you have a decent lyuda/dictator or some other boss killing set up, Graveward is more rewarding to fight in general, since you’ll have a much better chance of finding other usable loot. Either way, you’re in for a schlep unless you can trade for it/find someone with an extra one.

From my personal experience, graveward has always been the best place for relics. He drops them all and frequently, to the point of them being added to the meme tied with skins.

For Mind Sweeper, one of the versions I’ve used is a recharger with Tenacious Defense. You get basically two shields every 20 seconds and can always keep the buff from tenacious defense up. Even just one point in Vampyr can keep you alive.

This sound interesting… How the Recharger and TD interact between each others? When your shields are depleted the first time which one trigger first? Or both trigger together?

Tenacious Defense doesn’t have a cool down, while the Recharger does. On first shield break they both trigger. You get the damage from Tenacious Defense, can see the icon, and the Recharger will proc to full shield. On second shield break if it is before the 20 second cool down for the shield, then only TD procs bringing you to 40%. If you can keep the shield active until the recharger is off cool down then it will proc on a third break.

Thank you, I definitively need to try this, maybe with 2/3 point in TRL and some points in Vampyr to take advantage of health gating, without forgotting the IB, finally usable.