Need help of course

Sort of a newbie I have Nisha at 50 and Wilhelm at 48. I can’t get Nisha out of eleseer keep getting killed by gaurdianss.can’t seem to level up Wilhelm just finished the Lazer mission and don’t seem to know where to go next.I have mediocre legendary especially at best -1 shield a grenade and an
Underpowered thingy from Iwajara or something like that.I guess I am looking for clues or maybe some decent weapons for help
gamer tag is deanpac on Xbox 360

Did you fight the final boss with your Nisha yet? Sounds like either your shield isn’t actually equipped, or it’s so low level it isn’t doing anything. If you save/quit/restart, you should be right at the fast travel so you can warp to Concordia and invest some time looking for a new shield.

With Wilhelm, not sure which laser mission you mean (there are actually several).

If your build is all over the place, you’re going to have problems, so check the appropriate character sections for advice.

Odd question, but did you by any chance have someone power level both characters? You shouldn’t really be as stuck as you sound if you’d played through both NVHM and TVHM updating gear as you went along. If you’re stuck with vastly out-levelled gear, you can (1) redeem some golden shift keys and grab some levelled weapons from the chest in Concordia (2) grab stuff from Concordia and grind it up or (3) get some help to farm at-level enemies until you get enough gear to see you on your way.

This is the first time I have ever posted anything or had any other contact about the game.These are the original players.Nisha has the best shield I have found a level 50 amp shield at 13888

I was able to grind once and got a miclever smg my other attempts got nothing or a low level weapon.
or Oz kit which I can’t tell they do anything.
Wilhelm mission was in the eye of helix with jack
I though you needed orange weapons to grind.
The guard in eleseer keeps killing me.
I really don’t think I suck at this game I did pretty good on borderlands
I don’t know how to go about buying or trading (I can’t imagine anyone would want my stuff.I keep reading about everyone’s awesome weapons but none have come my way and I have put lots of hours into this game

For Nisha, you want Adaptive shields and Jakobs guns. Jakobs shotguns, especially coach guns and the Striker, are really good - and take some jakobs pistols too.
Learn to rapid fire jakobs guns during showdown and you can wipe the floor with anything.

What kind of skill trees do you have set up?

You can grind any level loot. See this post for details:

You can find white/green level gear all over Concordia and keep grinding it to get higher level. You can also farm the Scavs in Triton Flats, who should drop at or near level gear.

Another question: Is this your first time completing the game with each character, or is this your second playthrough with each one?

For Eye of Helios, did you complete it, or are you stuck part way through?

Sorry for all the questions - just want to make sure I’m not giving you bad advice.

Any successoul grind I end up at least 10 levels lower than the items I put in.
I copied a skill tree from this forum. Think I made it worse.
every time I grind 3 purples I end up with a lower level purple.I did get a orange smg by putting 2 orange
rocket launcher and a purple smg. Now I have no orange togrind. My golden keys give me pistols or Oz things 80 to 90 percent of the time.I am getting killed so much I no longer have any money to buy ammo.Maybe I do suck at this game. 2nd time through for both players.
I appreciate your help and interest I know you cannot get much reward for helping.
Speaking of which how does some help level up or kill bosses?

Sounds like something is a bit messed up then. If you’re on tomorrow (Friday) evening between about 7 and 9 eastern, I’ve got some spare gear that will help you out. I’ll send a message to your GT when I get on.

Edit: You’ll need XBL Gold in order to connect in-game and trade: do you have that?

I will be on with Xbox live

You will always get gear that is the average of the level of the gear you put in - so if you use two level 5 guns with a level 20 gun you’re going to end up with something around level 10.

Thanks I guess I didnt read that in the fine print about grinding.

I’m on-line now and sent you a message. Note that my gamertag is different from my forum name. I’m just sorting some gear out.


I can help you farm. Legendaries are dropping everywhere and the bad ones you can save to grind. I wouldn’t recommend grinding 3 legendaries for a random one. Save your moonstones and do 2 legendaries + purple so you can control the outcome more.

GT is Assasino3678

Glad they are dropping for someone.I cold use some help with rk5 with my 45 level Wilhelm. I don’t have a chance against him unless I level up a couple of numbers. I received some great help with my 50 level Nisha and seem to be doing OK with her. It was my first time doing co-op and it was pretty cool.At this stage I am great full for any help.

I can help you with that. Send me a message next time you see me on-line - Oblivion can wait for an evening or two!

I can help with that as well but my toons are level 70. Not sure if you care but I can help you farm for legendaries.

I’m not sure how that works but I am interested