Need help on choosing an axton build

I have a level 14 axton and i want to start working on my build that will help me in the long run to 72 and also keep the same build at 72 and need help. I really want the nuke skill. Also for guns i plan on using all types if that plays a part in picking a build. Feel free to link your builds or anything to help

I will make it easy for myself, and link you to an excellent guide for Axton beginners.

I’m assuming that you’re new to Borderlands 2 in general, so I won’t suggest using items that you don’t have. I will just say that you will pick up loot that you come across, and with this guide you will help you understand which items will improve your character, and how your skills synergize with them.

And finally… A build isn’t carved in stone. You can try out many ways to match your specific playstyle. Good luck!

EDIT: Fixed the strange sentence. Words are now in correct order.

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If only that guide was finished.

Im not new to the game… Im new to using axton though

I guess I can throw out my main build. It isn’t really meant to use any weapon but it should be able to handle any weapon decently

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