Need help on game

need help on bl2 im a lvl 65 and my gametag is creeper2723

Would you care to help my friend and I? We just started UVHM. We’re low leveled though D:

Most players start UVHM at around level 50ish. If you and your friend are too low level, joining the OP’s game if he hosts (or hosting a game and having him join) would be problematic. In UVHM, enemies scale to the highest level player in the game (up to level 72). So, that means all enemies in a game where you, your friend and the OP played together would be at least level 65 (Boss types would be a few levels higher). If you and your friend are more than 3 or 4 levels below level 65, you are going to have problems doing any damage or even surviving against level 65+ enemies.

On top of that, the game adjusts difficulty to the number of players in the game (in UVHM). That means the OP would have an even more difficult time trying to survive while at the same time trying to keep you and your friend from dying. Depending upon the level differential, enemies could potentially “one-shot” you and your friend. I would recommend going back to TVHM (maybe even Normal mode, depending upon your current level) and doing the various side-quests and DLC you might not have done (Sir Hammerlock, TTADK, Mr Torgue Campaign of Carnage, Captain Scarlett) to get to at least level 50 before tackling UVHM. You will be able to unlock more character skills, and the game will therefore be less difficult and frustrating in UVHM.

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ok what is your gamertag
mine is creeper2723