Need help, or just want to play or farm? Hit me up! (BL2)

Been looking for someone to play with for quite a while. Been searching on BL2 unsuccesfully for other players so im now asking on here. I prefer playing in groups of 3 or 4, but 2 can also work :smile:

I’m a level 72 (OP8) Mechro.

GT: Egg Rage

Add me or send me a message.

I’ll add you, don’t specifically need help but can’t have too many people to play with. I’m a 72 Commando (No OP yet).

I’m definitely up to farm/kill random bosses.


I could do with a bit of a power lvl 2 50 if u would be so kind gt DmgHealer1

Helping someone out with they’r campaign atm, add me, and we can probably get some going :smile: