Need help power leveling 10-72

My op8 gunzerker was lost when I swapped computers and the steam cloud didn’t work so I want to get a op8 character my steam is csx39

Not to start anything, but one of my favorite things about this forum is the lack of hostility. There’s hardly any drama or BS. Even if he is lying (which no one can prove) he still needs help. Also, i saw some of your Axton posts and you seem to know a lot about him. Mind if i message you some questions?

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This forum is here for people to use when they need help.

Next time, dont comment if you dont plan on offering help.

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Re axton questions: message me at the other forums, and I will answer you.

Re: power levelling: It is rude to ask someone to waste hours of their time playing the game FOR you. A request for"powerlevelling" is not a request for help, but a request for someone to expend effort and spend time to spare you having to do the same. Quite different from asking for someone on level to play with them. That would have been asking for help. My reply contained the best advice possible for the OP: use Google to find solutions to your problem. I was being helpful, both to the questioner and to the others he could avoid massively inconveniencing, if he would make savvy use of the search engine.

And if you reread my post, I never accused the OP of lying, merely stated that I was sick of such requests, for the reasons I just expressed.

Plenty of people here are quite happy to play the game whilst helping someone else gain xp.

If you don’t like it, don’t do it, and ignore threads requesting it, please.

Nope. Sorry, but you’re using this forum, and this is where we will deal with any issues. Please read the forum rules before posting again.

I’ve encountered serious issues with the Steam cloud and BL2, I don’t use it at all now. Usb, other cloud service, and local hd ftw!

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