Need help power levelling my siren

Hi would it be possible for someone to power level my siren , I change character when on op8 to my siren but keep getting kicked ,any help would be grateful thankyou

What lvl r you.

I’m currently lvl 24

Monday or Tuesday I can help you get to whatever your lvl cap is

Op8 I already have op8 gunzerker and commando

I can get you to 72 op level idk I had a hard time with them

That would be great thankyou

I can also help you but you have to give me some pearls and legendaries I am level 59 commando my psn is Alilami04

Thank-you ali

Online now if anyone is available

Me Ok

What s your psn

Truecalling01 I will be on in a couple of hours ,I’m still at work at the minute

On now alawi

Ok Mate

But what will you reward me with

I am level 61

I can help with whatever you need. Just throw me a message PSN soccerfella101

Hi just got your reply ,can you help level me up plz ,I sent psn message as well