Need help power levelling ps3

I have a level 58 soldier and I need someone to help me get to level 72 I am struggling with UVHM and everyone who joins my game online arent really much help, my Psn is MARKCANT95 add me and help please

i’m only level 61 but i’d be willing to help

I can help you but only to 61 then I can give you legendaries, uniques, seraph, pearlescents (weapons, grenades, shields, mods). This way you can enjoy the game to 72 on uvhm with the help of these and collect more at higher levels in the process. If you’re interested send me an FR pookie151 and I’ll join your game.

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I’ve accepted you and I’ll be playing all day today, thanks

Hope you’re enjoying your new loot. Anyhow, here Are some links you might find useful while you farm for new weapons and such. These are in this this forum as well. Google the weapons, shields, grenades, etc. look up what they can do, the best prefixes, and which character would benefit most. Also lookup builds particularly your commando and try the different, shields, coms, etc since you should have most of them. Glad to be of help and looking forward to playing w/ you again. Have fun man!

Guide to using the avenger smg.

Try this 63 build w/ your legendary soldier com and see if it works for you. It’s sort of generic maybe not the best but try it out and go on a mission. You have longbow & double up so you can throw the turret further that the baddies might focus while you concentrate on killing them plus it shoots slag bullets/rockets.

Remember some builds need to be reset for raiding bosses or just general gameplay or mobbing.

five main DLC’s (Scarlett, Torgue, Hammerlock, Tiny Tina, Digistruct Peak), but i have no hammerlock, Tiny tina and Digistruct peak can you help how to download.

Help me what’s your psn

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