Need help powerleveling in TPS

Me and my friend are looking for someone to help us powerlevel. If you level us up to 70, we will level one of your characters to 70. PSN Is dathfrombelow5
Edit: Still need help.

This is kind of a personal question, but how old are you? I don’t like to play with little kids who don’t know what they are doing and end up getting me killed. Not trying to be rude, I’ve just had some bad experiences in the past with them. If you’re cool, and I can trust you guys, I would be glad to help!

I am 18. I also play with people around my age (17 up).

Nice. I’ll send you a friend request, I have to play through the campaign and get to the mission where I can power level you first. But i’ll make sure to have that done fast!

Thanks man. I really appreciate the help

We got a chat party going if have a mic.

Hey i wanted to ask if you could also power level me when you have the time. i am currently playing borderlands 2 and grinding that out, and i dont have much time for the pre sequel. My psn is xK1LLERxCOBRAx and i am 17. thanks

Yeah I can help you. I’ll add you once I get on my PS4.

Hey do you wanna just play TPS sometime? I’m Level 44 just working my way through. PSN McPwnsauce

Ok. I’m level 70 on most of my characters, but I don’t mind having more people to play with :smile:

For sure I’m on right now if your trying to play

need help powerleveling 45 athena

psn vindogg2_ds

I am also looking for power leveling, i have played both BL2 on xbox360 and TPS on PC so i am familiar with the game and the story, also i am 25 just looking to get a little boost since i have done all of this several times before.
My PSN is Celisper