Need help re-finding and re-fighting bosses, thank you

I’m a bit new to BL2, am enjoying my first playthrough (Mechromancer) a lot and have not read any spoilers anywhere so far. This is my first post. I read in the little “tips” that you can re-fight bosses all you want (I suppose much like other action RPGs that I know, such as Diablo2), and I’ve seen that to be the case by accidentally running up against Wilhelm in the main story. But I’d like to do the same with some of the bosses in the DLC, most notably Piston (Torgue campaign), also as a way of attempting to gain Torgue tokens, as I see no way of doing so without attempting those level 50 versions of the lesser side-quests, which seem to hard for my level 35 character. Yet I cannot see a way of re-spawning the boss, or even re-activating the quests that would let me respawn him.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, Piston is a one and done deal. You can, however, fight the Badassasaurus Rex all you want by exiting and re-entering the arena without taking on Appetite for Destruction.

Thank you.
Oddly enough, the arena is always empty upon reentering. I did already kill Piston however. No sign of a new Badassasaurus.
Am I doing something wrong?

Perhaps here would be the right place to ask a question about the DLC in general?

  • The DLC is scaled to player level, correct? Is that at least correct in principle? It seems that at least some have level 30 or 35 maximum, which will be getting a bit easy for my 35 mechro when she levels another time. Is there a “good” time to do the DLC without then leveling too high to make the main game storyline content too easy?

Thank you

Have you turned in the mission for killing Piston yet? If you haven’t, try turning that in to Moxxi and then Badassasaurus should respawn.

In normal mode, the DLC will cap at 30 (Scarlett & Torgue) or at 35 (Hammerlock & Tina). If you do it in normal, you’ll overlevel fairly quickly. However, once you start TVHM, this will allow you to play through the story missions without having to play through a ton of sidemissions, since the story missions will eventually “catch up” to you in level.

The BarRoom Brawl, which can be done over and over, is the best place to farm Torque Tokens.
This will however level you up, how quickly depends on what level you are as each level takes more XP and XP from kills go down. I farm regardless of what it does , the only time you have to worry, IMO, is when you get ready to enter UVHM, then the enemies do scale to whatever level you are in the game

Like Farsight said, it’s 30 and 35 in NVHM. It’s 50 in TVHM, your level in UVHM, and the OP (73+) level in the OP levels.

Thank you very much. This is very helpful to me. Last follow-up questions, if I may?

  1. Do I understand correctly? DLC is always 30 resp. 35 in Normal, always 50 in TVHM, and variably correlated to player level in UVHM?

  2. Those bar-room brawls I have seen offered, but starting at Tier 3, they appear for me as Level 50 missions in Normal – that seems a bit overwhelming for a level 35 single player. Do you people do those with ease?

  3. Also in Normal mode, I have seen offered something of an Over-Boss in the main story line (From Tannis: You Will Die. Seriously) and in some of the DLC as well (usually the opportunity to go and kill something The Invincible, so far I’ve seen that be Pete in Torgue or something unpronouncable in Hammerlock’s Hunt). These appear to me as level 50 missions as well (in Normal). Do you people go ahead an do these with ease? It seems overwhelming for me, since I have a great challenge with those level 35 end bosses (Badassasaurus and Jackenstein).

  4. Basically, I guess I’m still not entirely sure when is the “best” time I should be doing certain things, since many of them appear to be misaligned or suboptimally aligned with my level. Are the DLC basically designed for me to do in TVHM (which I am about to enter now at level 39)? I ask because I keep leveling, so far having finished the main story in Normal at around level 34, and having gained a couple doing some of the DLC. The rest of the DLC now shows up as “trivial” in my log. Which seems kind of sad. At the same time, there are these Over-Boss missions, which show up as Impossible. I’m confused. If I now enter TVHM with my level 39 Mechomancer, I’m hoping that the main story will be around my level, and (as you have indicated above) the DLC will be too difficult, as it will be 50, but I’m hoping that I’ll be 50 when I finish the main story in TVHM? Or am I supposed to do all the DLC in Normal, just ignoring the fact that it’s all “trivial” now, before entering TVHM?

Thank you very much

On Normal, Scarlett and Torgue will be between levels 15 and 30, depending on when you enter them. Hammerlock and Tina will be between levels 30 and 35, depending on when you enter them. In TVHM, all DLC will match the level you first enter them, and scale up to 50 upon completion of the vanilla story. In UVHM, they will always match your level, as will everything else on that mode.

You won’t get a whole lot out of Torgue Tokens in Normal, since the legendaries you could potentially buy with them won’t get you all the way through TVHM. It’d probably best to leave those for after completing TVHM or playing during UVHM.

These are the Raid Bosses. Besides Terry, they should all scale down to level 35 on Normal. That being said, they are extremely difficult fights unless you are familiar with the mechanics of them, and this is even moreso true playing solo. You’d be best to skip them for now rather than waste a ton of time trying to beat them.

You certainly don’t lose anything by waiting until TVHM/UVHM to complete the DLC. If they’re no longer a challenge to you, then move on to TVHM and get to level 50. Then you can go back through some of the DLC and get some solid weaponry. The Raid Bosses are best left until you hit level 50 or go through UVHM. You don’t get a whole lot for beating them on Normal.