Need help reaching level 72 OP8

I have been playing Borderlands 2 for a long time now, I think even since the game came out (perhaps) and I’ve only ever had one OP character and it was a Siren up to OP7. That character got lost due to switching to a new console. I now am using my favorite character the Mechromancer and I’m trying to get her to OP8, right now she’s and level 57 and I could use some help from anyone who still uses the forums. Please and thank you :3

My gamertag: TheEvoGamest

I just reached 72 and looking to get op lvls. I can help a little and maybe we can do peak runs together. I too am a mech

I think I have a friend request from you. I’ll be able to give you a hand when i get home in a few hrs.