Need help recreating or moving saves

Sorry for bad formatting, new to gearbox forums. I was wondering if anyone could in anyway help me get my characters set back up on xbox one. I originally played on 360, them eventually moved to PC, but now I would like to move my pc saves to Xbox one. The problem is I don’t have a 360 anymore and afaik there’s no other way to transfer the saves. If you know a way or could somehow help me recreate the saves on Xbox one I’d be thankful.

There is no legitimate way to do this unless you had your saves stored in the cloud sync folder on your old 360 and you are still using the same GT/XBL account.

If those conditions are met, you could grab a copy of the backwards compatible version and use that to transfer the files.

Otherwise, you’re basically out of luck (without violating console TOS and therefore what can be discussed on the forums)

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