Need help soloing uvhm

i cant get any where throughout the game i’ve only gotten to doc merciers mission and cant kill any bandits any advice on how to play as an in uvhm.

Everything you need to know starts here:

Don’t forget to check out the forum for your character - build is very important in UVHM, and some skills do not scale well with the enemy boosts and health regeneration they get.

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Point 1

SLAG, SLAG, and more SLAG.

The seven most important things for every class:

  1. Slag everything. Literally paint the world purple. You can use your character’s inherent slagging
    mechanisms if they have one, throw slag grenades or do the old weapon swapping thing.

  2. Check your build. A strong build that has good synergy with your gear and playstyle is essential.

  3. Try to keep your gear as close to your level as possible.

  4. Aim for the critical spots. Always.

  5. Match elements to the enemy’s weakness. Fire for flesh, corrosion for armor, shock for shields.

  6. Play smart. Break line of sight, have an escape route and/or a place to hide, seek cover when under heavy fire and never stop moving when in active battle. Know what you’re getting into before doing it. Mind your surroundings, beware of barrels, observe enemy behaviour and keep track of ammo to know when you’re going to reload/run dry. Reposition yourself to a better place when you feel FFYL is going to be inevitable, as a planned second wind is better than be fighting for your life without a clear shot at an enemy. Know the right time to use your special skill. Strategy and caution goes a long way.

  7. DON’T GIVE UP. It’s UVHM. It’s going to be tough and you’ll die many times during the playthrough. Keep at it and you’ll see that it will get easier as your character progresses and you get better at playing the game.

Other than that, just check those links @VaultHunter101 suggested and you’ll be good to go.

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