Need help sorting loot? [Borderlands 3 Gear Tracker v4.0 ]

For those of you with a loot addiction like myself, sometimes it can be hard to remember where you kept all that precious loot. Maybe you had a great roll on an artifact in your vault, but now there is one sitting in front of you that just might be better if only you could remember all the bonus stats. Maybe you play many many characters and need a way to remember which has which version of that one really good ReVolter shield you found. Or maybe you just like to hoard every little item you can get your unwashed Doritos covered cheesey fingers on like a squirrel saving for winter.

Well my friends, let me introduce you to the Borderlands 3 Gear Tracker v4.0!

This version I have been using for a long time privately but after many tweaks I feel it is finally ready to put out for everyone else.

Some features of the gear tracker:

  • Track gear across an unlimited amount of characters… edit: and multiple accounts!
  • Super streamlined data entry so you can do more looting and less typing.
  • Auto-format for many key attributes that might make an item valuable.
  • Quick tag system to allow you to mark items of interest for easy tracking.
  • Overview page gives fast tabulation of inventory, just so you know how many GUNS you got.
  • Simple, easy to use, no Excel knowledge necessary. Drop downs provide you with a way to ensure you have legit rolls on your gear.

Attributes that can be tracked:

  • Gear name, prefix, level and mayhem level.
  • Elements.
  • Anointments.
  • Bonus stats for class mods and artifacts.
  • Specific weapon parts or weapons roll (eg. max damage).
  • Augments for shields and grenades, including MFC augments.
  • Notes about a particular piece of gear.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the previous versions. If you have questions about how to use it feel free to post here or PM me.

PS. All the loot in the tracker is pulled from my own tracker just to provide examples of things you can do. Feel free to delete them all.


Would this be suitable to log gear from more than 1 account? I have all my mules on a second account, which also gives me another bank to use.

Yes. I would just label them as “vault 1” and “vault 2” or you can put some thing else to identify which vault it is (eg. Bob Vault, Jim Vault). As for characters you can name them however you want so you can do like “acc1 Zane” and “acc2 Zane” or something like that.

Also sorry if multiple replies were posted. Forum is acting up and failing to post.

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Ugh, the disappointment of clicking a link, thinking it’s taking you to an actual app or tool, and ending up at another spreadsheet. :triumph:

Funnily enough, I have the same disappointment on following a link only to find that it wants me to install an app or create an account on a web site in order to use it. Different thingies and all that.


If you click file > save as you can just download the spreadsheet and use it through Excel on your own PC.


No thanks. Just not a fan of Excel or spreadsheets in general. Despite the countless, counterintuitive and unwieldy “features”, there’s just nothing compelling to me about digital graph paper.

With LibreOffice Calc, this warning pops up before it loads:

Warning loading document borderlands3_GearTracker_template.xlsx:
The data could not be loaded completely because the maximum number of columns per sheet was exceeded.

The spreadsheet doesn’t look like there are any problems, but I havn’t tried updating it yet.

Ugh, guy, @thesuicidefox offered a tool that they’ve created in their spare time in order to help out players.
I kind of find your responses inappropriate for a free offer some private person gives.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding. Can this tool actually perform, or at least actively assist with, tasks like tracking down and sorting items, or is it just a means of documenting what you’re doing yourself?

Have you tried to right click and save file as? The link directs you to a share Excel file on my personal OneDrive. I’m sure there is a way you can access and save it at least.

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You have to enter the data yourself. I never called it a tool or app. In order for it to even do this it would need to somehow access your save files, which would only be possible if you play on PC.

I made this mainly for myself because I have 1500 pieces of gear collected. I decided to share it for others who collect loot like I do. I doubt any kind of tool could do what you are asking, and if such a tool were to exist it would probably cost you money.


I apologize. I didn’t realize how on edge I’ve been lately. While I’m still not a fan of spreadsheets, and probably never will be, you clearly put a lot of time and effort into this, and I’m sure it’ll work great for others.


smooth operator

seriously, i read this in Clay’s voice.


Yes, I had downloaded the xlsx file and then opened it with LibreOffice Calc.

I’m guessing that the xlsx file has more empty columns then LibreOffice Calc can handle and it pops up this message. The spreadsheet appears to be working fine after closing the popup.

I believe I’ve run into that specific problem before. You can also get it happening between current and older versions of Excel, as MS bumped the number of rows/columns significantly at some point.

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Cool. Glad you got it working. I never used that program.

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So are there formal instructions for using this thing, or are the “tips” the extent of it? Because I opened it, and it just looks like an arbitrary mess of words and numbers.