Need help to beat deadlift!

I need help to beat deadlift on twhm, I am lvl 31, but I cant beat him, in last stand mode it drains almost instantly, plz help

I am on ps4- Xdefault20X

Do one of the side missions from Janey (can’t remember the name) where you get a shock sniper as a reward. Tesla grenades are also very helpful.

Use first jump pad as you enter to jump to platform across from entrance where stairs are. The stairs can’t be electrified. He will eventually come to you. Just take care of the ads in the meantime.

Can’t help you directly as I’m not online or on PS4.

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Still can’t beat him, he comes to me and 1 hits me

It sounds like you need a better shield too. Do what Happyjack suggested. If you really need a better gun, that shock sniper is pretty good even on TVHM. You also seem underleveled but I might be imagining it (it’s late). Hide in the stairwell and play in co-op with people who are good at staying on top of reviving.

Level 31 is too low. Must be level 35 - 40 at least.

Lol It’s ok. I’m here to be called upon anyway!

Got this moved to the PS4 section.

Thx for the tip, farmed the secret boss in serenetys waste, beat deadlift

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