Need Help To Get Pre-Sequel Platinum

If anyone could help, that’d be awesome. All I need is to trade for the Challenger trophy and perform two multiplayer VaultHunter.exe specials with Claptrap to whittle it right down. I would also love for someone to boost my Nisha up to level 25 if they could, but that’s not amazingly important, just makes her trophy (killing 10 enemies in 1 showdown) a lot quicker than it is at low level.

In return, I do have a level 50 guardian quest that I can use to help boost any character that you might want leveling up.

Many thanks if you can help. Just add me on PSN, my username is MooseCaboose__ (that’s two underscores).

hey mate i can help i think, just add me LAMPSDUDE in all lowercase. do you just need to use the ability while playing with someone else?

Yeah, one’s a revive and the other is a healing beam. They only trigger if someone else is in the session.