Need help to get to 72..PS4

So I’m currently doing Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode with my level 56 Gunzerker and I have just hit a flat out standstill. My weapons (mostly purple) just aren’t getting the job done and Im getting killed left and right. So I’m asking any of you kind, gentle, souls out there who have time to show me how to level up faster so I can enjoy all this wonderful end game content I can not seem to make it to, for your help. I’m on ps4 and my psn is ep1c_th0dy. I would greatly appreciate it.

I’m currently doing a power level run if you want to join me for that. PSN is Etsaal1988 if you’re interested.

best to ask in the zerker subtopic. you should list your build, shields and guns.

i could also give a handle on console, if you still want the feedback.

Hey I just read your message. Sorry it took so long. If you’re still interested or are doing a run later on just let me know. I’ll add you. PSN is ep1c_th0dy

Can I kindly join the power level run? :smile:

Sorry I didn’t see this message till just now. Add me and I will get you as soon as I can (which will probably be Monday or Tuesday due to work). Just shoot me a message when I’m online and I will help out if I’m able to.

PSN: Etsaal1988

Thank you very much!! Will add you :wink:

Not sure if you added or not, but I wanted to make sure that you were and that you were able to get what you requested?

If there anyone is playing tonight id like to get in on this powerleveling run if it’s okay.
psn: bigbrothamilky

Still anyone one doing runs psn: MrIrishMan-_-