Need help to level up my Gunzerker on PS3

I need help im level 25 Gunzerker in level 29-30 Arid nexus, the things here give close to no XP and I need a way to level up fast, any ideas? (I’ve alreay completed the varkid mission from
Hammerlock )

best way I know is pyro pete bar mission bar brawl just fast for me that is.

I don’t have any DLCs

If you don’t have DLC the best way is probably to repeat kill the warrior over and over again with someone who has beaten the game…good way to bank up on eridium as well. Alternately, you can keep failing the tea party quest (Tiny Tina’s optional quest) and gain experience with fleshstick by killing him. I’m sure there are a few more but I used those the most

I already beat the tiny tina mission… Hahaha … Before I knew it could be used to farm, but I’ll call up my buddy and ask him if he can kill his warrior a few times with me, he’s OP8 Gunzerker, so I bet he can help me there thanks :slight_smile:

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yeah that is another good way…if you are under level 50 and join an OP leveled friend and he plays his normal game you can level up rather quickly!