Need Help to reach OP8/I give you Legendarys

Hello. I’m looking for someone who pulls me of OP4 to OP8 in borderlands 2. For each Level I give a Legendary weapon OP8 of the figures below.

Ferocius lead storm.
Two fer Unforgiven.
Barking Storm.
Attack Bearcat.
DVA Infinity (Fire).
Thunderball Fists (shock).
Two Fer Maggie.
Marx Mans Gub.
Agresive Slagga.
Perma-Sharp Gunerang (shock).
Righteus Infinity.
Redundant Logan’s Gun.
Skirmish Emperor (shock).
Trick Shot Maggie.
Peppy Gunerang
Proactive Butch (shock)
Win-Win Logans Gun (Fire)
Peppy Gunerang (Slag)
Evolution Shield
Impaler Shield

If you are interested send me a message
PSN: Quagmire4German4

Im down for that. Each level i get you - you give me a 72 (NO OP) sandhawk (each will have to have different elements of course).

if you want this add danNYSamber and mention this thread