Need help to understand something (spoilers)

(Bfdbd70) #1

Hey everyone!
I just finished the game for the second time and after looking at some posts about the timeline there is something I don’t get.( It might has been said by others but I didn’t find any similar question so sorry if someone asked it before)
The most logical timeline I saw, TFTBL episodes 1 to 3 are supposed to be before BL: The pre-sequel and 4 and 5 are after these events. But the thing that I don’'t get is that at the end of BL:TPS, an alien comes to save Athena and to warn the vault hunters that a war is comming and all of them will be needed. So, If the events of episodes 4-5 are cannon, a bit after this encounter Helios crashes and the vault of the traveler is summoned the first time and after a while, the second time. But If we consider that the alien also included Athena when he says “all vault hunters will be needed” why Athena would be in the Episode 5 helping you to kill the traveler?
I have two theories that would explain that but I don’t know if they’re solid:
1)The events of Episodes 5 and non story telling of other Episodes are set after the events that the alien is predicting
2)The choice of Athena as a member of the crew is not cannon and she must be preparing, as well as Zer0 and the other vault hunters, while Rhys, Fiona and the others summon the vault of the traveler

(XB1: Abattoirista) #2

I’m pretty sure all what “all Vault Hunters will be needed” means in that context is “Don’t kill Athena.” It doesn’t necessarily mean “All of the Vault Hunters are locked in a room for their own safety until the impending war begins.”