Need help transferring characters from bl2 to THC

I’m pretty sure I know the answer but thought I would still ask…

So, I bought the handsome collection today and was going to use cloud save to move all my bl2 data to THC. Well, I’ve found that the network adapter/card in my ol’ 360 no longer works. So I can’t connect to upload my characters :frowning: Aside from buying a wireless adapter (still way too expensive) and finding a a friend with a 360 to take my hard drive to and upload from their console, how can I move my characters?

To clarify; are you saying the wireless adapter AND the wired ethernet adapter are both not working?

No, don’t have a wireless adapter, only the wired/built in nic card. My 360 doesn’t have built in wireless. I troubleshot to boil it down to my 360 (among other things, connected the LAN cable from my X1 [working] into my 360, the 360 doesn’t even recognize the the cable was connected), and I would rather not spend $30+ on a wireless adapter I’ll use one time.