Need help trying to Unstuck my character

Looking for someone on XBOX who is near finishing the first planet or have just finished it but haven’t quite gotten to the second planet yet, I.E. pre-cutscene for second planet.

You see, I joined a multiplayer game before seeing the cut scene to the second planet and upon returning to my game it has completely broken my character’s progress. My character goes to a sealed off fast travel location and all the npc’s are gone so there’s no way to continue.

It’s been suggested to me replay that part of the mission again to “sync up” with someone that is just starting it in order to “unstuck” my character.

So, if anyone is willing/able to give me a hand, I would love to get my Zane out of limbo.

Is bumping okay here?

I really could use a hand to see if it at least fixes the problem.

What system, what is your user name?

Xbox - Name is my forum name

Sorry PS4, cant help you there, good luck.

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Have a like for at least responding. :smiley:

Ended up using couch Co-Op to unstuck myself. Ah well. Alls well that ends well, as Sir Hammerlock would say.