Need help "unlock action skill"

Hi, i have some stuff going on. to start with I am at Level 50 with Zane. This bug or what it is started just a few Days ago. Now to my Point i cant unlock the action skill because it says “Reach level 2 to unlock” And i am Level 50 when i try to unlock the action skills they are greyed out and i have 48 skill Points to spend. But cant unlock action skills. Does someone know what this bug is?. I`ve tried to restart the game, Do a restart on the console but that doesnt help. i play on Xbox one x. I have send a ticket to the support with no luck/response back, maybe they doesnt respond because its weekend?

Thanks in advice.


THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME JUST TODAY, I was trying to do the maliwan takedown via matchmaking and suddenly a connection error poped out and I got back to the main menu, when I re-entered the game I couldn’t use any action skill, spend skill points or even change my pet, I’m so worried that this has more to do with data corruption than just a simple bug

Ok, its been almost 2 months now, and i cant unlock any skills, or use Action skills. Dont know what to do.

When you reset them make sure you put the level 1 skills for the first two, after you start selecting your skills they should unlock.

Please check the date on a post before responding - it’s been over 6 months since this thread was active. Thanks!