Need help unlocking Ghalt?

Unlocked Ghalt a few days ago with friends and I have to say, the man is a beast. Will be fun to see people ripping it up with him more in versus mode in the coming weeks, as more rank 40s hit the field.

Best way to unlock him before then is a solid DPS and healer combo on advanced story maps. Duoing is the best. Go higher than that and things get REALLY hairy.

We did it with Ambra and Rath.

Currently level 20 Thorn and chipping my way.
Gotta try this character out for sure.
That’s one of two things I’m working at right now, the other is Thorn’s legendary mod.

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All Story Missions (even “Advanced”) are laughably easier to do solo or with just one friend - it’s really sickening.

Also honestly to get even a “Silver” on “The Archive”, you need to sit there are farm enemy spawns ffs (at the part where you are guiding those “Data Minions”, just keep letting them die and farm the infinite enemy spawns) - they simply do not offer enough score points, and the score calculator is unbalanced and broken.

Good luck with that… I hate being forced to do PVP content (hate it personally). I mean, I get plenty of kills, but Chaos Theory always ensures that my Volley is on cooldown when I need it, and I STILL have 0/20 completed… Y_Y

Oh, and I tried her legendary in the Open Beta (when you could just… find them randomly, and didn’t have to be forced to complete unfair and chaotic challenges), and it’s really not that great:


“Full Draw” is a bit ambiguous, and it still takes well over a full second to charge. Sure, it does speed it up by maybe 2x, but I honestly did not find it very useful.
I mean, you really only need to curse a target one every once in awhile - not much point in cursing again till it wears off imo.

Man. So negative.