Need help Unlocking OP 5-8 :(

Hey everybody,

I’ve played BL2 exclusively solo this entire time, loved the game and put a lot of time in.
I started late and only had the GOTY edition so I got all 6 classes to 61, then waited for the Handsome Collection.
Well it’s here now, and I shamfleeted my Zerker from 61->72 in Pete’s bar (61 Norfleet still worked for 72 enemies!)
and managed to unlock up to OP4.
I can’t tell you how many darn times I tried to unlock OP5, I just cant.
All my gear is at 61 except my Grog (levels with me) and 72 Harold.
I was not looking to do any gear farming until I unlocked OP8
but this is simply proving to be way too difficult.

I was wondering if anybody could help me run through the peak for the OP 5-8 unlocks.
Honestly, i dont know how online multiplayer works as I’ve never done it-
idk how we meet up and form a party and whatnot.
After failing miserably for another 1.5 hrs yesterday I did check my audio settings
and do have a headphone that seems to work with its mic attached-
if you let me know what info you need from me so we can play together, I’ll look for and provide it.
Would appreciate any help!

PS- I did post on the PS3 area but I’m on PS4 with the Handsome Collection, not sure if that changes things
PSS - I am US EST. On vacation so timing of play shouldn’t be an issue

it does change things! You’ll be able to find help quicker in the PS4 section. No worries though, I’ve moved your thread there.

Happy looting!

ah sorry about that Kitty Jo, wasn’t sure I thought PSN was the same. Thanks!!

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