Need help unlocking something

can someone help me unlock natural selection annex/creature slaughterdome?
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its a dlc

I know it is, but as it is already in the game, you can unlock by letting a friend go in there (I know this is a month late reply lol)

Don’t believe so, many people doing it so gearbox Patched it almost a year back, Now must either have pre-ordered the game or buy the DLC to get it and believe what you are asking may be against this forums rules to discuss here

This was ok’d by the administrators. I asked Jeff about it a while ago. Yea it dosnt make sense, but they deceide whats ok and whats not. Thanks for the concern though :slight_smile:

If the Natural Selection Annex page wiki is accurate (which is debatable, since the wiki is not always accurate) then you can apparently at least temporarily unlock the Natural Selection Annex, by joining the game of someone who pre-ordered or otherwise purchased it. However, it would at least appear that area would lock once you complete all rounds of the Creature Slaughter Dome. The following is taken directly from the Wiki Page:

“It was released on December 12, 2012 as paid DLC and as a part of the Borderlands 2: GOTY Edition releaseon October 8, 2013. Entering without it is still possible if a pre-order or paid owner’s game is joined. If the mission is obtained but not completed this way, access is granted independently until mission completion.”

Note, the part I bolded in the last sentence. That would at least imply you have temporary access to the Natural Selection Annex without having to purchase it yourself. Permanent access would likely require an actual purchase.

I think that @LunaticOne was concerned that @greenlandicsmile was asking someone to share the DLC with him, which would require someone giving him direct access to their Xbox Live Gamertag (email address and password); essentially allowing him to download their Gamertag to his Xbox 360, logon to Xbox Live as them and effectively impersonate them. That is never a good idea, since someone could change the password, remove people from your Friend’'s List, or even make purchases assuming a valid credit / debit card is linked to the Xbox Live account. But, that doesn’t appear to be what @greenlandicsmile is requesting.

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Ah, ok. Thank you!