Need help w l. 72 Krieg solo v.Terra

Solo’d every boss in TVM with krieg. Can’t scratch terra in UVHM, no matter what build/weapons/shield/relic combo I’ve tried. I’m just going to list everything I have. Someone build me a boss killing madman…

Mods- legendary psycho, saltmeat, flesh crunch, power toast, scream sickle.

Relics- bones of ancients (fire damage 33%, cool down 39%), (shock damage 29%, cool down 36%), (corrosive damage 32%, cool down rate 39%)
-blood of ancient (max health 50.4%, smg and shotgun max ammo both 68.5%)
-heart of ancient (rifle damage 29.6, ffyl 29.6)
-skins of ancients (explosive resistance 26%, shield recharge rate 31%), (explosive resistance 25.9%, non element resistance 21.3, shield capacity 30.6%)
Blood of seraph- (max health 36.6%, health regen .9%)
Strength- melee damage 34.6%
Elemental - explosive 30%

Shields- Fotf level 67, BBB with burn immunity, Hoplite with explosive damage reduction, impaler, bee level 68, inflammable maylay, bloom,

Assault rifles- seraphim, sawbar, wild spitter, rapier, slag kitten, swift blaster (electric), veruc (level 70), madhouse.

Smg- good touch, florentine, bm, corrosive plasma caster, Crit, sand hawk, emperor.

Shotguns- butcher, flakker, heart breaker.

Pistols- grog nozzle, dpuh, infinity, greed, lady fist (level 64).

Launchers- creamer, topneaa (electric), tung (level 60), slag bunny (level 50)

Sniper rifles- lyuda, volcano

Grenades- long bow electric leech, firestorm, o neg (sticky homing corrosive, lobbed shock, sticky long bow incendiary), rubberized shock crossfire, syicky homing quasar, homing bonus package, chain lightning, long bow slag betty, homing fire burst, magic missile.

EVERYTHING IS LEVEL 72, unless noted different. Please ask for any clarification. Thanks in advance.

Apologizes in advance to the forum mod. I posted this twice already in different forums til I found the Krieg forum. Delete the other posts if necessary. Thank you

Just added a Rough Rider l. 71…and an explosive bouncing bonnie l. 72

Come on people! Need some build advice…getting my ass kicked!!!

Back when I played i used a fire baby maker to proc bloodbath off of the tentacles and used either a heartbreaker/kitten for safe damage or a conference call/interfacer for heavy damage. The mod you will want is a legendary reaper but a regular reaper will also work as you need the kill skill duration increase and points into bloodbath. Grenade should be slag transfusion such as an o negative. Shield doesn’t really matter but the firehawk or adaptive shield would help.