Need help with a boss battle

with ‘just’ the Bunker boss battle, the condition is under normal circumstances…im a lv 24 (i think).

im on the xbox 360, no offence but…once the fight is done with, going to kick you out.

ill be hosting it sometime today…so yah first come first serve…

my GT is MerceNineRY
(keep in mind of the non-cappd and CAPPD letters)

i have no mic

I usually hang out up top, between the stairs and the waterfall where there’s cover. Corrosive weapons are your friends. It’s not that bad a fight once you figure out the attack patterns - just watch out for the mines and exploders that can land on the upper platform behind you.

I don’t have an appropriately levelled character, so I won’t be helping you out. Just a friendly suggestion that you’ll get more help if you don’t threaten to kick people as soon as the boss is dead. If you’re worried you’re going to miss out on a legendary, don’t - Bunker virtually never drops one. And most of the folks on here know that the host gets first look at all the gear anyway.

Good luck!

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what he said, also (not going to make it easy) look for my Help thread a little ways below yours. If times are compatible (and can be on between 8 and 9 AM on friday if needed), send me a message and I will drop in with an OP 8 and Blast & Dash, because just not worth spending any time fighting a MINOR Boss when you know your going to get kicked.

i got through already