Need help with a build including endgame gear

Hi everyone! i’m in need of a build for zane with equipment if possible. I don’t shoot & move at the same time very well, so please help me come up with a double agent & under cover skill trees i can solo mayhem 4 with.

Thanks in advance

There’s a build I’ve been wanting to try out. It’s probably flawed, but very much based on standing in a designated area.

Combine the Barrierdome with an infiltrator classmod and the version 0.m shield. You’ll get damage boosted from the barrier and the special zone that the 0.m drops.

You could couple it with swapping clone anoints and the shield regen on swap skill to quickly get the amp shot or have a lucky version 0.m with shield regen with barrier.

The barrier becomes an instant safety and damage buffing area.