Need help with a custom character

Hello everyone, and good time of the day to you. I’ve decided to replay Borderlands, and I’ve thought I might as well make a mod or two.

Thanks to you, guys, making several revolvers I’ve always dreamed of was not much of an issue. Now though, I’m stuck with an idea of a custom character. Not a big deal: I just want a copy of Mordecai, but with Truxican Wrestler model and textures.

So, main issue: how one does load custom character? I saw Blitz, and I saw that SleepMaster developed a way to do this, yet I can’t find any real info on what should I do to load up a custom class, and I can’t really figure it out myself, unfotunately.

As for now, I’ve simply copied Mordecai .upk and renamed it - and I just want to test if this will even work. I can imagine adding meshes and models to the .upk won’t be much of a problem - the prospect of animation fixing scares me though…

Also, how much work would take an endeavour of replacing Bloodwing skill with Brick’s Berseker skill?

That’s about it for now… Should not be much of a job, given how much people already made around here, so I hope this is something I would be able to accomplish…