Need help with a good krieg build

Alright so I’m currently lvl 63 and I’m getting destroyed and I can’t figure out a good build for krieg to do well with. My goal is to have a bloodsplosion krieg by 72 to op8 but I can’t figure out how to work him to where I can actually kill people and not die every 5 seconds

Start by posting your current gear and build using

That doesn’t let me post gear just skills

Link to your skills, post your gear.
Analytical plasma caster, fire, lvl 50
Analytical plasma caster, slag, lvl 56
DPUH lvl 50
Puissant norfleet, shock, lvl 50
Flame of the fire hawk lvl 50
Dazed crunch lvl 56
Contraband sky rocket
Elemental relic explosive lvl 50

Without even having to look at your build I could tell you that your gear is severely underleveled for UVHM. Especially since you’re running Bloodlust-Hellborn. That is very gear dependent which is causing the majority of your problems.

Regarding your skills, you really should take Delusional Damage and put points in Flame Flare and Fuel the Fire in order to boost your chance to self-ignite. I won’t get into other skill choices but those are essential because so much of Hellborn’s strength is centered on elemental status effects and self-ignition. Now that you’re level 63 you can find yourself a Legendary Torch class mod from a Tubby or even Legendary Psycho from Marcus’ Mercenary Day Train.

If you don’t have Head Hunter pack 4, get it and go farm yourself some decent gear.

Well I have some gear on my zerkers storage including a legendary psycho class mod but I’m just resetting uvhm and doing two missions over and over to level up. I’m just trying to get to 72 first and in doing fine with the gear I have now but I just can’t go fight anything else right now

I don’t understand. So what do you think is the issue then?

I can kill everybody in liars berg now because I spent forever figuring out a strategy to kill them before they get me. When I leave liars burg I get destroyed by enemies before I can even think of what to do. The issue is idk how to work krieg on uvhm. I did fine on nvhm and tvhm just using nothing but melee and that sucks in uvhm, I get killed before I can even hit one guy

Not really sure how to say this in a delicate way, but… GET NEW GEAR!!!

I’d speculate that any crappy white gun you can get from the vending machine will be more powerful than your lvl 50 Norfleet. That pretty much sums up your problem. The slag plasma caster will slag just as good despite low level, and the COM is alright too. The rest is just too weak now.

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I know I need gear God damn it. I didn’t post this for people to tell me what I already know. All I want to know is what skills and gear make krieg a badass

What makes K badass is Release the Beast + Bloodsplosion or Raving Retribution.
RtB it’s like the Emergency Button for us. Boosts melee damage and damage reduction.

This guy can be a goddamn killing machine who shouts about meat and fluid.

Did we told you need new gear? xD

Level 63

Rough Rider Shield
Vitality Relic or Blood of the Ancients
Slagga and Low level slag Betty/Crossfire for slag
Legendary Sickle or Purple Sickle or Blue Crunch (Strip the Flesh and Taste of Blood)
Dirty Harry or Ravager for Explosions
Nukem for more Explosion noise
Corrosive Hyperion Plasma Caster or Butcher/Conference Call/Thinking for flying jackasses

I think that about covers it.


Not to mention that it gives us full health :wink:

A Badaboom is easier to use, but I agree with everything else.

Maybe it’s not such a pain in the ass to farm for an explosive one with the drop rate increase.

Or if he wants to go Hellborn:

Rough Rider shield
Blood of Ancients
Legendary Torch
Magic Missile + Storm Front (for Elemental Empathy healing)
Conference Call in all flavors (if he can go for a Twister, even better)
Badaboom/Nukem/Norfleet for second winds

(Exist the possibility that my gear suggestion may be BS, but it is what I use).

You know me, I would have recommended it but @dieselfreak92 wanted Bloodsplosion. So I had to be objective.

I think your gear suggestions are great but I wouldn’t leave out my Omens. Butcher over Conference Call for me since CC lags my PS3. And Chain Lightning instead of Magic Missile/Storm Front.

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He wants bloodsplosions?, BLOOODSPLOSION DELIIIIVEREED sir :slight_smile:

Preaching to the choir again…
Carnage, Ogre, Kerblaster and Flakker.

The Flakker can’t process Blood Bath. That and it’s a pita to use sometimes. A casual Ravager with a Torgue grip is a good one, as is a Rock Ravager or a Swordsplosion.