Need help with a good krieg build

Blut is the only one able to use a Flakker xD
Well, I have to agree with Torgue Purple shotguns.

If you want Bloodsplosion I’d suggest this build and the following:
1- stop resetting UVHM and staying in the same 2 areas. Unless you ask for trades you can’t get the gear you need unless you progress further into the game so get out of Liar’s Berg and at least get to Sanctuary and start picking up those mission items you want/need. Because honestly- if you can’t beat these guys at level 63 how do you expect to beat them when you reach level 72- and STILL have level 50 gear?

2- look for a blue Flesh Crunch mod that has +6 to Strip the Flesh (if the other skill that’s boosted is Empty the Rage at +5, even better). This combined with your explosive relic should help you start getting those Bloodsplosion chains going.

3- IMO only Gaige can wreck more damage with a shotgun than Krieg and once you get to at least Sanctuary you can start to find some good choices. I love the Heart Breaker for any character but until you get that mission (or use some gold keys) try a Ravager or Hulk. Also, you can start tubby farming (or hit the loot train from the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day HH pack) and try to get a legendary class mod for him, preferably L. Sickle or Reaper. Farming for either Butchers or Carnage shotguns is possible now too, and if you have the Mr Tourgue dlc you can head for The Beatdown and start farming the Barroom Brawl for the tokens you need for the Torgue vending machines- getting an at level Nukem or UH will make your life as Krieg much easier…

4- RR for sure, and if not either a good absorb shield (cause Krieg can go thru some shotgun ammo) or a nova/roid shield. I always try to farm a The Transformer shield for each character- the absorb percentage can go up to 30% and the fact that shock damage recharges the shield while making you immune to it is great for dealing with shock nomads and surveyors.

The Flakker is great…on Axton. If it processed BB and didn’t require a sweet spot, I’d highly recommend it for Krieg. But since K is an in your face type of guy, a ravager is a better choice. That or a carnage, but you have to treat it like a rocket launcher; otherwise you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.

The Carnage…blasting guys and triggering Bloodsplosions since 2013

Well, 100x BL stacks + 20x StW + Reaper= BOOM.

This is the build I’ve changed to. I was struggling until I used this. Melee Relic and a Love Thumper shield to be used with it. No silence the voices but everything falls easily anyway.

Also, i’d use a Tasty Crunch mod, but I can’t find one yet.