Need Help with a "troublesome" Battleborn

there are a lot of characters in battleborn that are depressing to fight against. Chracters that make you want to yell an expletive and throw your controller at the screen after hey have gotten a kill streak on you; Rath, Pendles, Galilea…And in the past El Dragonand Benedict (jury is still out on Beatrix)

Then there are the charcaters who are slow and/or fragile. That if they succeed in a high kill/low death count it’s a credit to the player to make such a crippled charcater work…Toby, kelvin…and Attikus

I have no idea what to do with this guy, I wouldn’t play him at all if i wasn’t trying to rack up max ranks/lore…slow moving, big target, and you can read short novellas between his punches…yes his damage is a bit above average…but it does no good to do 5x as much damage , when an opponent can land five hits in the same amount of time…a “fully charged” hedronic reactor is supposed to help, it’s even a requirement for two lore challenges, but with the new buffed up minions, even if you take out a whole wave of minions, your now softened up to be an even easier target for an enemy player

Does it sound like I’m whining? Absolutely, after all I’m typing this after immediately after my thrid straight atticus lus where I went 1 and 10, and 2 and 12…so any advice on gear and play style would be appreciated

currently I have three pieces of gear…all three give attack speed boots for about 1000 shards each, only also increased damage and another increases critical hit damage

…also soem very kind teammates let me hit on Rendain over and over for 6 minutes in the Heliophage trying to get a charged hook on him as they healed me (normal mode of course, and “second” Rendain without force field if your curious) which seems near impossible

it’s doable, I did the crit rendain in the face 12 time before the nerf to the lore, took about 3 play throughs but I got it done.

I have gone a few games 17-3 on average against good players i’ll go 8-2 with him. It all depends on your play style, keep in mind though even though he’s a huge guy with health, he in no way can play like your typical tank. I stack attack speed and attack damage on him, Helix choices i mostly go for any health regen and again attack speed. He’s a slow starter but you can start dealing crazy kinds of damage on lvl 5, the left helix that gives you health regen for having charges is a freaking life saver and helps you stay in fights and not have to retreat so far away, also helps when you lack a healer.

Best advice I have for you in a PVP scenario with him is:
-be patient, kill minions, lvl up

  • Hedronic arc (quickening arc) movement speed at lvl 4 helix work wonders along with lvl 3 helix (tenacity) to circle your foes and catch up to them or to flee
  • first few lvls keep your pounce up and don’t use it to initiate a full health enemy, keep it to flee.

Yep, play conservative, don’t chase kills, get damage on as much of the wave as possible as often as possible and make sure you don’t die early on.

Bring a shard gen, get buildables, the shock turrets on Outskirts and Overgrowth are invaluable for the exp they net you. You want level 3 quickly, but you really need level 5 before you can think about being aggressive.

Don’t forget about your sprinting melee, nor the fact that you can charge the hook while sprinting. After level 5, conserve charges if you’re running regen unless you know you can earn them back within 30 seconds by clearing a wave or getting a player kill.

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Haven’t read the entire thread so I may just be echoing what is being said, but here are some quick tips for someone who used to play him frequently:

-Never chase kills prior to level 3.
-Always try to stay in a group. This benefits you and your teammates as you are a large target and will probably be a distraction against unfamiliar players. Attikus’ damage output also makes him a threat in these team DM scenarios.
-Don’t use Pounce for offensive potential until you’re comfortable with him (you probably already know this).

As for gear, I never play attikus without boots of brute. I also tend to focus on survival-ability with the other two gear pieces.
Usually white +140 Shield Cap/-Reload Spd and either a +14HPs / +5.40 atk dmg or damage reduction gear.

As for my Attikus Helix set up:,-1,1,1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,

As for Rendain, that’s a tough job to do and honestly just takes a couple of tries.

Hedronic arc is your friend, if you have max charges you can go in land a few hits on wave and the arc will I guess arc onto the other minions so even if you dont get the kill you get assists on the wave. Spend the early game on infrastructure and hit and run tactics. Once you get tenacity and swift strikes no one, not even gali miko cores can stop you, especially with hedronic arcs wound. Also I forget the name but the helix that gives you regen based on charges is amazing, lets you dip out for a while and heal up if you dont have a healer.