Need help with Acid Spit Challenge!

(As of 2/17/17)

I would reeeally appreciate it if someone were to help me complete the ‘Hawked It All Up Challenge’. It involves killing two enemies with one fully charged up acid spit from the Spitter xeno variant. I intend to do this on Escape with one marine and a sentry turret. Please PM me with the time (PST) you’ll be on, and I’ll try to accommodate.


I’ll help if you want. Equip the spitter with quick strike to scrub some of the marine and turret health off. The only thing is I’m on uk time it’s currently 820 am. I think you guys are about 8 hours behind. My online handle is Feh-Q_noblah send a friend request if you like. I’ll be online at 4pm my time, 8am your time.

Awesome. Well, I’m an hour late, is that alright?

Edit: Nvm, you’re already off. Try tomorrow, same time?

R you good to go?

well, it didn’t get the challenge. Strange. Has Gearbox made a patch change classifying a qualifying enemy?

I did mine on survivor

ok, let’s try that

Which map?

Any map

Well, I’ve got to go to class, so is it alright we try tomorrow, same time?

If I’m online then yeah sure. L8er. I’m gonna kill me some xenos

Well I’m on. Ready any time now.

In the meantime, anyone else?

Sorry I didn’t see you.

Well, just let me know of a convenient time for you.

If I’m online send me a msg (on PlayStation network)

kk will do that

By any chance are you on at UK time 4 PM?