Need help with Addonexus challenge

i cant seem to do this challenge no matter what i do. ive tried going down the blade rush helix with max shield gear and the max shield augment but nothing seems to work, ive gotten blade rush to do 85 dmg per hit at one point. do i need more dmg on it?!


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As noted, it’s more about finding the right cluster of targets. You need to hit a bunch of guys with it to hope to reach the requisite total damage. I don’t know if it’s possible in PvP, honestly. You’d need a full wave of minions + some players and thralls/elites, etc., all packed in like sardines.

Obviously, Unintended Innovation is a must for the explodey-ness, Core Overload and The Conduit. I put on some skill gear, too, rather than shield gear.

I got mine in The Renegade, it was a multiplayer mission so the “launch pad” spawns on the last defense were pretty thick. I perched atop the doorway of the hall leading from the landing pads to the defense point, waited for them to spawn, and threw the blades right at the center of a thrall cluster. No clue how much damage I did, but it was enough.

If you have it, Voxis Core is greathe. All shield and skill as you know. Remember to go in the end of Void’s Edge with the skulls in the void. Kill everyone but them and one hunter. Gather them up, jump, and shoot down as you fly over their heads. Fun fact: critting does not count. Has to be flat damage.

I got it in one public random Renegade too. I had nothing special for that.

so can someone tell me how much damage i have to have each blade do? so far ive only gotten it up to 82 per hit

Short version, I went to the second story mission alone. Got to the end boss when the phase shifts and ran around in circles clustering the varelsi and unleashed one blade rush. The environment is large enough and I spec’d for multiple targets, increased damage, and blade damage based on current shield.

I know this post is kinda old, but I did this a different way and maybe it’ll help whoever’s still having trouble with this challenge.
Basically, what I did was grab two of my friends who played as Reyna and Galilea and did a run of the Algorithm. I, as Phoebe got to lv 10 and grabbed the enemies hit by blade cascade take increased damage and had a bunch of gear that increased my skill damage and shield strength with helixes that boosted my shield and skill damage. When we got to ISIC we’d get his battery out,
Galilea would set a desicrate
Reyna would priority target him and overshield Phoebe
Phoebe would use her up ulti and blade rush.
It worked for me, so I figured it might help other people

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