Need help with coming up with a very effective build for Commando

I’ve been testing builds from YouTube those don’t work out for me, and I’ve been using my own build and tht doesn’t work, can someone give me a good and solid build or even an idea for a build


Full collection of builds for all different purposes here:

I suggest if you have more specific questions about Axton skills, builds, and gear, that you drop into the Axton sub-forum.

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Before you go into a build, what do you want out of the build? How do you like to play with Axton or with the game in general? What’s your strongest gear and mods at the moment? Those Q’s help determine a build as there’s few objective “bests” in this game.

I just want to survive more and do some decent damage

And I am lvl 72 OP8, I can get the gear I need for it if someone tells me the names I can try to find them, and I play the game mostly on surviving and doing some decent if not serious damage.

@DemoniteBL 's got a nice video on a gun based Axton build for OP8, his youtube channel is a great resource for all things Axton.

He’s also got videos on grenade Axton builds and hybrid grenade/gun builds. There’s a long video with him and @Derch where they spend almost two hours going through all of Axton’s skills and gear.

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Ok I’ll check it out, thanks