Need Help with Defend Slab Tower UVHM ~lvl. 63

Hey, I’ve been grinding my way through Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode solo with my Gunzerker. I’m currently stuck on the Defend Slab Tower side quest; I acquired the quest at lvl. 61 but am currently approaching lvl. 64. The issue is that I can’t put out enough damage to kill the level-scaling super badass loaders that spawn near the end of the mission before they 1-shot the supply crate. The NPC mobs are completely useless in every variation, so I either need to have significantly better gear or try and have someone back me up. If you’re my level or thereabouts, message me on live at Vectornaut ACR so I can finally get this quest checked off the list.


Have you tried running the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day HH pack, aka the loot train? Great place to get on level gear and with luck, a legendary or two. As far as this particular quest, don’t even bother with the seated gun- in UVHM it gets 1-shotted. Stay near the bridge and try to thin the heard as much as possible until the last wave arrives. Try to stay ahead of them and spam your best corrosive grenades here- no since saving them. Farm a Hornet if you want but just about any on level gear for Sal should get the job done- it does depend on your build ass well though- maybe you just need to reach another level or so to pick up another skill?

I intend to get the Headhunter packs when I have money to spare, but it may be months before that is the case. I haven’t had any other trouble with the quest. Even if the turret was invincible, it doesn’t do 10% of the damage I can do while gunzerking. At the time of my original post, I was using a Vladof E-tech sniper for slag and a Tediore E-tech pistol for corrosion. I have no corrosive grenades or launchers worth using at the moment. My setup could easily mop up the first wave, often before they even reached the bridge. But for some reason, the badasses always ignore me and march straight for the crate in the second wave. Even if I damage and body-block them, one always ends up charging straight through. Without someone else to draw aggro, this means I have to kill all of them in like 20 seconds or I’ll instantly fail the quest. I’m almost level 65 now, and I think I’ll take your advice and try to farm up a Hornet and some corrosive nades to take another crack. That being said, I’ll still take any offers for help I can get.

I can help out tomorrow after I get off work buddy if thats any help? My gamertag is


Update: Success at last. Hilariously, I farmed Knuckledragger for a Hornet for about 45 minutes but it ended up being less effective than another Dahl Dart I picked up when doing some Big Game Hunt quests. More than anything, it was the new Vladof launcher I snagged after opening the golden box that helped me. The couple of war loaders falling through the map didn’t hurt either.

If anyone still wants to play, I will also need help with the Bandit and Hyperion Slaughter questlines at some point.


Add me I’ll play bud